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Authorised Waste Management Facilities

Malta Environment & Planning Authority Applications Authorised Waste Management Facilities

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Disclaimer: The information below has been extracted from an on-line database and is meant only for your general guidance.The Malta Environment & Planning Authority disclaims any responsibility for any inaccuracies there may be on this site. If you wish to verify the correctness of any information then you are advised to contact us directly. Furtheremore, in the event of any discrepancies between the information contained on this site and official printed communication then the latter is to prevail, in accordance with the Development Planning Act.

Case NumberLocationProposalApplicantStatus
EP/00004/09 Inspectra Limited, MRA 049B Marsa Industrial Estate MarsaDismantling, separation and returning of waste arising out of electronic equipment, in line with WEEE regulations on WasteInspectra LimitedPermitted
EP/00006/09 Civic Amenity Site at MaghtabRenewal of Permit WM 13/05 to operate Civic Amenity Site - MaghtabWasteserv Malta LimitedPermitted
EP/00007/09 Civic Amenity Site at MriehelRenewal of WM 0016/05 to operate Civic Amenity Site - MriehelWasteserv Malta LimitedPermitted
EP/00008/09 Civic Amenity Site at Hal Far l/o BirzebbugiaRenewal of WM 0010/05 to operate Civic Amenity Site - Hal FarWasteserv Malta LimitedPermitted
EP/00017/09 Electronic Products Limited, 47, Old Railway Track, Sta VeneraTo scrap and disassemble electronic equipment, namely cash registers, computers, and related equipment Electronic Products LimitedPermitted
EP/00024/09 B27C Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun ZTN 08Renewal of Waste Management Permit WM 02/08IMA Engineering Services LimitedPermitted
IP/00001/06 Non hazardous landfill at Ghallis l/o MaghtabNon Hazardous landfillPermitted