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Backfilling of Excavation Voids

The disposal of inert waste generated by the construction industry in depleted quarries is regulated under Legal Notice 22 of 2009 and 184 of 2011 as amended. Prior to this legislation, Legal Notice 128 of 1997 permitted a number of quarries for backfilling operations, whereby clean inert waste is recycled and/or backfilled.

Inert waste is defined in accordance with L.N. 184 of 2011 as amended by L.N. 384 of 2012 as:
'waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations. Inert waste will not dissolve, burn or otherwise chemically react, biodegrade or adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact in a way likely to give rise to environmental pollution or harm human health. The total leachability and pollutant content of the waste and the ecotoxicity of the leachate must be insignificant, and in particular not endanger the quality of surface water and/or groundwater'.

In 2009 all the licences issued by virtue of L.N. 128 of 1997 were revoked and quarry owners which were still interested in pursuing this activity submitted an application for an environmental permit under L.N. 22 of 2009 and L.N. 184 of 2011 as amended for inert backfilling or to recycle inert waste.

The quarries that were licensed through Legal Notice 128 of 1997 and that have a pending environment application with the Authority are considered as sites authorised to accept inert material until a full environment permit is issued. The waste that is authorised to enter at these sites is solely restricted to the following and includes the following EWC codes or as otherwise specified in the Environmental Permit.

01 01 02

Waste from mineral non metalliferous excavation 

01 04 08

Waste gravel and crushed rocks except those mentioned in 01 04 07
(wastes containing dangerous substances from physical or chemical  processing of non-metalliferous minerals)

01 04 09

Waste sand and clays

01 04 13

Wastes from stone cutting and sawing except those mentioned in 01 04 07

17 01 01


17 01 02


17 01 03

Tiles and ceramics

17 01 07

Mixtures of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics other those mentioned in 17 01 06

17 02 02


Waste Type

Description of Waste

Excavation Waste 

Waste that originates from rock excavation. This waste should be free of soil, trees, shrubs or any other agricultural content.

Demolition Waste

Waste that originates from the demolition of structures. This waste is to consist of stone slabs and concrete planks or concrete beams only and should not contain any other waste type such as aluminium, wood or iron apertures, pieces of clothing, furniture, household goods, mattresses or any other waste.

The following is a list of all the permitted sites that are authorised to accept clean inert waste*:




 Permitted under:

 Mr. Julian Vella Quarry HM31, Ta' Dmejrek, l/o Dingli Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Paul Vella Quarry HM15, Wied Filep, l/o Naxxar Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Paul Polidano Quarry HM33, Ghar Lapsi Road, l/o Siggiewi Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Mario Bonnici Quarry HM35, Ta' Zuta, l/o Dingli Environmental Permit (EP0020/09)
 Mr. Mark Aquilina Quarry HM03, Wied Incita, l/o Attard Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Mark Aquilina Quarry HM12, Wied Incita, l/o Attard Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Emanuel Mifsud Quarry SM52, Tas-Sejba, l/o Mqabba Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Joseph Vella Quarry HM21, Labour Avenue, l/o Naxxar Environmental Permit (EP0029/09)
 Mr. Joseph Vella Quarry HM09C, Ta' Kaduma, l/o Mosta Environmental Permit (EP0003/09)
 Mr. Jimmy Gatt Quarry HM28, Triq Burguma, l/o Naxxar Environmental Permit (WM0007/05)
 Mr. Paul Falzon Quarry HM32, Triq Santa Katarina, l/o Rabat Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Emanuel Mifsud Quarry SM52 Triq is-Sejba, Mqabba Legal Notice 128 of 1997
 Mr. Lawrence Saliba Quarry HM08, Wied iz-Ziju, l/o Zejtun Environmental Permit (EP0014/11)
 Mr. Victor Vella Quarry HM13A, Manikata Road, l/o Mellieha Environmental Permit (EP0003/12)
 Mr. Joseph Attard Quarry SM41A, Valletta Road l/o Zurrieq Environmental Permit (EP0024/12)
 Mr. Francis Schembri Quarry exSM45, Triq il-Parrocca, Mqabba Environmental Permit (EP0017/13)
 Mr. Rueben Bonello Quarry SM15, Wied Ħanżir, Siġġiewi Environmental Permit (EP0040/11)




 Permitted under:

 Messrs. Teddy & Carmel Grima Quarry SG03, Ta' Xrajjah, l/o San Lawrenz Environmental Permit (WM00023/08)
 Mr. Mario Bugeja Quarry SG02, Tal-Ponta l/o San Lawrenz Environmental Permit (WM0032/08)

* It is recommended to contact the management of these sites for opening hours and acceptance procedures that may apply to specific sites.