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Pomegranate (28)

PomengranateThe popular Pomegranate tree (Scientific: Punica granatum, Maltese: Rummiena, Siġra tal-Bullar) is frequently encountered in our Maltese countryside. This tree was originally introduced to our Islands in ancient times and has today become an integral part of our flora.

The Pomegranate, a deciduous small tree or shrub of around 5 meters, is attractive with its light green leaves. These leaves are oblong to elliptical in shape and arranged as opposites or in tufts at the extremities of the shorter twigs.  Its more or less crooked trunk, which supports a well-branched tree, has a greyish or yellowish bark, which often flakes with age. During the flowering season, the bright-orange flowers are displayed either solitary or united in twos or threes; these are trumpet-like and composed of rather crumpled petals. Following fertilisation, beautiful yellowish or deep-red fruits are produced. And nestled inside the leathery rind of these fruits are numerous seeds, each of which is embedded in a juicy pulp having a delicious sweet flavour.

Today, besides for its edible fruit, the Pomegranate is utilised in a number of ways - ranging from the making of red dye, to drinks and medicine.