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NAME | Connie Genuis
MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES | Planning shop Supervisor
HOBBIES |Volunteer work with the SPCA, walking and cooking

1.         Can you explain what your role entails?
My role within MEPA is to supervise and ensure that the service we render at the front desk of our Planning Shop supersedes the expectations of all our customers. While it is quite difficult to describe a typical day, myself together with the team I work with,  attend to all sort of enquiries from the public and ensure an efficient and good quality service. The majority of our customers are certainly architects who come to enquire about their pending applications and other planning related issues. We also have a good number of other customers that come to the Planning Shop to seek advice on planning policies and regulations, proposed development in the vicinity of their residence, and wide range of other queries.

2.         What have the highlights of your career been so far?
I would say that the ‘highlights’ of my job working here at MEPA are continually those moments I see a satisfied customer leaving our premises. This job is certainly not monotonous as the work and enquiries we deal with each day are diverse which make the job very interesting. At the Planning Shop we deal with various services some of which include applications for compliance certificates, the sale of copies of plans and permits, searches for permit numbers and  various enquiries related to  pending planning applications.

4.     What is the main motivation to delivering a top quality service within your role?
Delivering a top quality service throughout the whole day is not an easy feat, mornings certainly make it easier but I guess that what motivates me the most in keeping up the standard of rendering a professional service to all customers is the instant satisfaction this job gives you. Fortunately one does not need to wait long  to get satisfaction from this job because any client's positive response is in itself very satisfying. What I enjoy most is the great joy of seeing a  satisfied customer leave our premises  after having offered  help, advice and guidance. This certainly keeps me motivated.

5.    What challenges do you face in your role and how do you manage to overcome them?
Each day brings with it new challenges which helps me not take the job I have for granted but keeps me on my toes continually. One of the big challenges I daily face is that of keeping myself well informed of all the changes that are daily going on within such a large organization, such as MEPA. We are continuously being faced with all sorts of questions by customers coming to the Planning Shop and my primary goal is to always be able to answer and serve our customers in the best possible way. Another challenge, that  I am sure most employees working within the same environment of customer service, continually face is the ability  to be able to understand and adjust to the different types of characters and temperaments  of visiting customers. Believe me you can't please them all but I do my very best to satisfy the customer whenever that is possible. 

6.    Why did you choose to work with MEPA?
Certainly one of the contributing factors in choosing MEPA , was very much related to the fact that in my previous job I worked with an architectural firm.  Given my experience and the fact that I wanted to move on in my career and work for a large organisation, I immediately was attracted to the job when the vacancy was publicised.  My experience with a team of architects helped me integrate easily and understand better the job requirements. Finally, I wish to add that I am very happy with my position here within the Planning Shop, besides the hectic job environment, this job does give me great satisfaction and a good sense of fulfilment.