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The Prehistoric tombs that were reported to MEPA in 2008 have recently been scheduled as a Class B monument. The tombs, located in the Parish Priest’s residence in Kerċem, are composed of two rock cut chambers with the larger having an average diameter of 1.5 metres and a depth of approximately 1 metre.

The upper part of the chambers had been cut away in a past intervention, possibly during the construction of the parish church during the late 19th century. Original tool marks are still visible on the chamber walls, which appear to have been smoothed down, possibly by using pebbles. One of the chambers has a small annexe which may have been used as an ossuary. Within the main chamber, articulated skeletons in a crouched position are still extant. Pottery fragments and chert tools were discovered together with the burials.

The historic feature was reported upon discovery by the Parish Priest of the locality and the architect of the project in 2008. There is no previous record of prehistoric remains found in the immediate area. The closest reference for prehistoric remains is located 200 metres to the North West within the grounds of the government nursery.

The site is considered to have a high level of historical significance at a national level in that it provides important data relating to burial practices in a specific archaeological period. The tobs were scheduled as a Class B national monument as per Government notice 1225 dated 10 December 2010.