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Integrated Permitting & Monitoring Systems

The project "Technical Assistance in the Environment Sector - Component 2 (Integrated Permitting & Monitoring Systems)" was financed by the National Plan for the Adoption of the Acquis Programme for Malta, 2003. This programme aimed to prepare the Maltese administration to face the challenges posed by EU accession.

The main objective of the project was to establish technical standards and information systems for integrating permitting and monitoring processes arising out of the obligations of the EU Acquis.

The total budgetary allocation for this project was €350,000, of which €200,000 were provided by the EU, while a further €150,000 was contributed by the Maltese Government.

The project was implemented through two separate contractual arrangements. The first was a Twinning “light” contract entitled "Establishment of an Environmental Integrated Permitting & Monitoring System". This contract was launched by MEPA in partnership with the Austrian Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in June 2005.

It was completed in February 2006 and resulted in the design of the national environmental monitoring database within a permitting system that supports a comprehensive monitoring and permitting process. One of the aims of the project was to see that relevant conditions in operational permits that require monitoring and reporting are formulated in a manner that allows the information to be reconciled in a structure that complements national monitoring programs. It also ensured that monitoring information systems provide the necessary outputs to facilitate public access to information and major data flows to the European Environment Agency.

The second phase of the project involved a separate service contract which resulted in the actual IT development of the systems designed under the Twinning “light”. This service contract started in February 2006 and was concluded in November 2006.

Within MEPA, the project was coordinated by the Information & Communication Technology Unit with assistance from the EU and Multilateral Affairs Unit.

This project has been realised with the
financial assistance of the European Union