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Madliena Tower, Pembroke

Madliena Tower stands as the most northern defensive feature in Pembroke, close to Bahar ic-Caghaq.  It consists of two fortified rooms above each other with a fighting parapet on the roof, having a platform for a small gun.  The lower half of the outer walls is buttressed (sloped) and a cordon separates the lower half from the upper part and another cordon is at roof level. The Madliena Tower was financed by the
A. Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan
B. Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette
C. Grand Master Martín de Redín
D. Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris
MEPA scheduled Madliena Tower in 1996 as Grade 1as per Government Notice number 880/09 dated 30th October, 2009.
The correct answer must be sent on email address along with your contact details, by not later than 15th June 2012.
MEPA Employees are not eligible to participate. The winner will receive an educational book by Micheal Ellul entitled 'Maltese English Dictionary of Architecture and building in Malta'.