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Name Malcolm Ferrigi
Designation Senior Planning Officer
Educational Background Studied Planning at the University of Malta
Hobbies Travelling, wining and dining, listening to music and reading

Can you explain what your role entails and what your main areas of responsibility are?
My role entails assessing minor amendments that are proposed to carried out on sites across the Maltese islands which already have a valid planning permit. Simply put, when a permit is issued, it usually has a five-year validity period for construction or structural purposes, so, if certain changes need to be made to the approved plan, applicants are allowed to amend their plans during this time frame.

Could you describe a typical day within your role?
I usually commence my mornings by meeting a number of architects to discuss the amendments that they are proposing to submit to a planning permit. I discuss with them whether these amendments can be entertained both from a legal as well as planning standpoint. Throughout the day, I am as caught up with many enquiries having to deal with questions or feedback from applicants and architects. I also work hand in hand with the Sanitary Engineering Office as before I endorse the amendments I need to ensure that they would have endorsed the proposed changes too. Once the SEO has approved the amendments in the planning applications I inform the architects that works can be carried out.

What have the highlights of your career at MEPA been so far?
Throughout the years of working here, my highlights including having been given the opportunity to meet a lot of people, especially architects. One of my greatest satisfaction is the feedback that I get when I work with architects.

What challenges have you faced or do you face on a daily basis?
My biggest challenge is having to remain focused, considering the amount of work that is involved. I also find it challenging to deal with some cases and applications, as there may be technical problems, as well as dealing with clients who at times can demanding.

What is the main motivation that keeps you dedicated to delivering a top quality service?
My motivation lies in the fact that I would like to give the best possible service to the public, authorities and architects.