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Mission Statement


Our aim is to pass onto our children a better country than we inherited. It is for this very reason that we compare our environment to a treasure, something we place our energies in, to protect, care for and improve. The environment encompasses all - nature, cultural and architectural heritage, towns and villages, the countryside, the seas and air. We believe that together we should carefully plan so that our heritage, this gem which we treasure, will not fade away.

The Malta Environment & Planning Authority is committed to ensure that land use and the protection of the environment meet the needs of today's society and future communities. We are working to ensure a quality of life that will be in harmony with the our natural, cultural and built environment. In so doing we are seeking to implement sustainable development that safeguard the environment.


We will achieve these aims through:

and unstinting service aimed at the social, economic and cultural development of the country.

which involves everyone's abilities in planning for effective land use and environment protection for us and for future generations.

and commitment to foster an awareness in favour of the environment.
To achieve the vision that we have set for Malta, we need to work carefully, responsibly and with a dedicated service so that together, with everyone's contribution, we will reach our attainable goal. We believe that it is only by implementing these principles in every process and decision that we can attain the best social, economic and cultural results for our country. This we cannot and do not wish to do alone, we are here to listen, understand and give the necessary support to those initiatives that are fostered by individuals or the community. In this way, everyone will be contributing towards enhancing this awareness and we will be in a better position to anticipate tomorrow's opportunities, today.


Our guiding principles shall be:

fairness and timeliness in our decisions and their efficient and transparent enforcement.

in the attainment of the common good while respecting the opinions and aspirations of society.

in implementation through ability and accountability.

in all we say and do.
The Values which inspire us to fulfill our obligations are those which leave a positive effect on society. Our values are rooted in justice which are manifested in wise and timely decisions appropriately enforced. If we apply these values with commitment, we will be contributing to building the common good , a concept this derived from our country's Christian roots. These values, professionally applied, give evidence to the Authority's integrity in all it does and says.