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Malta Scheduled Property

Introduction and New Scheduling/Propose a Property for Scheduling     
How to use the Malta Scheduled Property Register   
Terminology of the Malta Scheduled Property Register   
Heritage Definitions and Flow Charts






In accordance with Article 81 of the Environment and Development Planning Act, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority shall prepare, review and update with continual maintenance the Malta Scheduled Property Register which includes all legally protected heritage property of the Maltese Islands. Within the Malta Environment and Planning Authority this responsibility lies with the Heritage Planning Unit (HPU). Scheduling commenced in 1994, however, prior to this the Antiquities List existed, which is a list of heritage items protected under the now superseded Antiquites (Protection Act) of 1925. Most items in the Antiquities List have now been protected (scheduled) under the Environment and Development Planning Act. Those items which have not been protected have either since been demolished (prior to current legislation) or are proposed for scheduling in the coming year. 

The Register as it is known contains properties and sites that are of cultural or natural importance and thus are being protected for present and future generations. The Register is not finite and is continuously updated.

New Scheduling/Propose a Property for Scheduling

The general public may also propose additional properties for protection and thus inclusion within the Register, however before they are included, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority will undertake an assessment of the properties submitted for consideration. If they are deemed to contain heritage significance they may be added to the Register after the required scheduling process has been carried out.

As part of the assessment on each property, a Data Inventory Card is prepared containing a synopsis of the relevant information of the property such as address, photographs and a site plan as well as the results of the assessment. It also includes references where more information may be obtained. The card is then used as the basis for protection of the property in question. The Data Inventory Cards for each individual Scheduled Property are available for viewing by the general public through the Malta Scheduled Property Register.

How to Use the Malta Scheduled Property Register

The Malta Scheduled Property Register is the updated version of the List of Scheduled Property which is a requirement of Article 81 of the Environment and Development Planning Act. The updated system contains all the information previously available with added components in a new more user friendly format which provides results depending on the search carried out by the user. The searches are not pre set thus they are tailored to the needs of the user. Basic searches may be carried out by Category, by Year (of scheduling) or by Locality. More advanced searches may also be tailored according to the requirements of the user by selecting the Advanced Search Criteria button. Through this option, one may also search by street, property name or even degree of protection.

The results of the search are displayed in the same window with a header indicating the search criteria used. The information displayed in the window can be sorted according to the column headers such as Property Name, Locality, Legislation, Feature or Degree of Protection. The Data Card column links to the Data Inventory Card (if available at the time of search) and the Legislation column links the property to associated legislation which protects the property.

It is recommended that unless the user requires a large number of results such as all heritage property in one locality, an Advanced Search should be carried out. Advanced Search criteria will provide more specific results which is useful when searching for a particular property or properties.

Terminology of the Malta Scheduled Property Register

The following items indicate the definition of each column heading in terms of results from a performed search. By providing each of these columns every heritage property in the Maltese Islands can be uniquely identified in a user friendly manner which is the aim of the Malta Scheduled Property Register. Each user may have different needs. A search may be carried out for academic research, planning requirements or even a general user interested in the protected heritage in his or her locality.

Data Card:  A Data Inventory Card is prepared for each protective property indicating relevant information as well as an assessment of heritage significance. It can be viewed by selecting the item in that column.

The current data inventory cards are undergoing a transfer to the new system. The items noted ‘under revision’ in this column are currently being transferred.

Category:  All scheduled property is arranged in to the following categories: Archaeology, Architecture, Engineering, Cultural Landscapes, Ecology, Geology, Geomorphology, and Natural Landscapes. Please refer to Heritage Definitions and Flow Charts for more detailed information.

Heritage Item:  This is the name of the item if it has one otherwise it is the description of the item or the street number. This column is important as it defines the item apart from other properties and assists in finding its location.

Property Address: Location of the property. If the property does not contain a specific address it is located by the closest known area within a locality. This is typical for Cultural Landscapes, Natural Landscapes, Ecology and Archaeology. The heritage property is either not located in a particular street or the area is too vast for it to contain a specific address.

Locality: Locality or Localities of which the heritage property lies. An item such as Victoria Lines or Grand Harbour Fortifications for example may spread across numerous localities, however most properties lie within one locality.

Legislation: All current and related legislation of the property including superseded or previous legislation for a particular property or properties. Selecting this entry will direct the user to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority Official Manual to view the related legislation.

Feature: Within each ‘Category’ as mentioned above is the feature of the Item. The feature is a particular theme of a heritage property which assists to narrow results to assist the user in searching for a particular property or similar group of properties with the same theme. Please refer to Heritage Definitions and Flow Charts for more detailed information.

Degree: The degree of protection for the heritage property as previously mentioned. If the user’s search produces a result which indicates ‘proposed for scheduling’, the heritage item is protected but has not yet been allocated a degree of protection from a legal perspective, it is pending official approval.

Heritage Definitions and Flow Charts

As previously mentioned it is important to arrange heritage property in to appropriate categories which then develop in to types and features as well as definitions for the resultant technical terms. Please refer to the following flow charts and definitions list for more detailed information regarding how heritage in Malta is categorised and sorted in order to easily identify them:


 Overall Heritage flowchart

 Overall Heritage definitions

 Archaeology flowchart

 Archaeology definitions

 Architecture flowchart

 Architecture definitions

 Engineering flowchart

 Engineering definitions

 Cultural Landscapes flowchart

 Cultural Landscapes definitions 

 Natural Heritage flowchart

 Natural Heritage definitions