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The "PolyMETREX PLUS II" project was financed by Interreg IIIC South Zone, which was a community initiative supported by the European Regional Development Fund. This programme aimed to promote interregional co-operation between regional and other public authorities across the entire EU territory and neighbouring countries.

The main aim of this project was to contribute to the creation of effective polycentric metropolitan relationships within the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) objective. The aim was to promote harmonious, balanced and sustainable development by assisting metropolitan areas to realise their potential for co-operation and complementarity.

A concrete deliverable of the project was the production of a framework for a polycentric metropolitan Europe and its use as a basis for the ongoing development of effective polycentric relationships between the 120 metropolitan regions and areas of Europe.

The project was led by Generalitat de Catalunia and involved 20 partners from 12 countries.

The total budget for the project was €1.7 million, of which MEPA’s share was €30,750. 75% of the budget allocation for MEPA was provided by the EU, while the other 25% was provided by MEPA. The project was concluded in 2007.

Within MEPA, the project was coordinated by the Plan Making and Policy Development Unit, with assistance from the EU and Multilateral Affairs Unit.



INTERREG IIIC - Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2004-2006
Project co-financed by the European Union
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Co-financing rate: 75% EU Funds; 25% Government of Malta