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EEA/EU Dataflow Reporting

The Information Resources Unit is responsible for the management and day-to-day running of the European Environment Agency (EEA) Dataflow process where all environmental information is passed on for EU-wide assessment.


The latest outcome of the 2008-2009 cycle has been published on

Draft evaluation of deliveries from Malta 2008-2009

Data flow nameStatusProgress 2007-2008Progress 2008-2009Remark
AE1: LRTAP data2009/05/20    Partial time series (2000-2007) provided with a delay in CDR (26 February 2009).
AE1b: NEC data2009/05/14    2000-2007 information delivered to CDR with delay (27 January 2009). Tables could not be read automatically because requested format not used.
AE2: UNFCCC data2000/05/20        Complete time series on time in CDR. National inventory report provided. CRF XML format provided.
AE2b: EU GHG data2009/02/16     Full time series (1990-2007) delivered on time in CDR for all gases except perfluorocarbons (PFCs). CRF XML format provided. Brief inventory report not available.
AQ1: EoI data2009/05/14      Data delivered on time. Data on particulate matter available for 2007. More than 50% active stations monitoring PM10 plus some monitoring of smaller particulates. Response to feedback report has been provided in CDR.
AQ2: Air quality questionnaire2009/02/16      Questionnaire delivered to CDR on time although the file is locked. Forms 8 and 9 contain information on whether 2007 pollutant levels exceeded or did not exceed the values specified in the air quality legislation for the two zones and agglomerations listed in Form 2. EoI codes provided in Forms 3 and 4 for stations used in the assessment. Station type provided in Form 4.
AQ2b: Monthly and summer ozone data2009/01/12      All monthly reports provided in CDR: one with delay (07/2008). Summer report delivered on time. Requested metadata available.
CDDA1: Designated areas2009/05/20        Delivery on time: 178 sites (52 new) reported. All have designations, valid IUCN categories, coordinates and size. Boundary data provided for all sites.
EWN1: River quality2009/02/16N/A N/A Not applicable.
EWN2: Lake quality2009/02/16       Data delivered on time and in the requested format. Only short time series available. Hazardous substances data not delivered. All requested stations identified.
EWN3: Groundwater quality2009/02/16        Data delivered with as light delay (one week later). Data for three requested chemical substances provided. GIS data for GW bodies provided. Station data with coordinates and link to WFD GW bodies already provided before.
ME1: Marine data2009/02/16        Data delivered on time and not in slightly different format as requested (old template used, reversed coordinates). Data provided on: hazardous substances in sediment and seawater, nutrients in seawater and station characteristics.
NRTO3: Near real-time ozone data12008/10/27       Satisfactory spatial coverage of active stations and reliable data provision (64%) during the ozone season.

1 The scores are provided for information only.