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Water Framework Directive

The Management of Water in the Maltese Islands

In Malta, as in most Mediterranean countries, water is a scarce, over-exploited resource and desalination of seawater needs to be employed to meet demand for households and industry.
Through its national legislation, accession to the European Union and other international commitments (such as the Barcelona Convention), Malta is committed to ensure sustainability of Malta's water resources in a holistic manner.

Institutional Water Management in the Maltese Islands

The Water Framework Directive governs water management in the Maltese Islands. You can read more about the Directive here.

The WFD (2000/60/EC) was transposed into Maltese legislation as Legal Notice 194 of 2004 .  These Regulations define the Malta Resources Authority as the competent authority for groundwater and inland waters; with the exception of inland surface waters protected under the Development Planning Act or the Environment Protection Act. Such inland surface waters are placed under the competency of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority which is also responsible for coastal waters.





Since the Directive is far reaching in its scope of protection, other authorities are involved in the implementation of the WFD. The stakeholder map illustrates the various organizations / entities and the role they play in the implementation of the multifaceted WFD.


Diagram 2