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Il-Qattara Area (l/o San Lawrenz)

il-QattaraThis area, located in the vicinity of the permanent freshwater pool at Il-Qattara, near Il-Qawra inGozo, is known for its large population of the Chaste Tree (Siġra tal-virgi). At least three sub-populations exist in the area, including one of the largest in Gozo. The African Tamarisk (Bruk) and the White Willow (Żafżafa kbira), are also found in the area, close to the Il-Qattara pool. The latter being the only known station for this tree species in Gozo.

This Natura 2000 site is protected and designated as an Area of Ecological Importance, Site of Scientific Importance, Bird Sanctuary, Nature Reserve and Special Area of Conservation of International Importance.

MEPA declared this site as a Tree Protected Area on the 24th May 2011, in accordance with the provisions of the Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations (2011) as per Government Notice number 473/11.