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Environment and Planning Review Tribunal


Right of Appeal 

You have a right to submit an appeal against a decision, to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal in terms of Article 41 of the Environment and Planning Development Act 2010

Time Limits

  1. Appeals to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal MUST be made within 30 days from the publication of the decision notification on the press;
  2. Appeals to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal MUST be made within 15 days of the receipt of the enforcement notice;

Where a request for a reconsideration of a decision by the Environment and Planning Authority has been made within the time limit set above, the 30 day period for making an appeal starts when the Authority's reply on the reconsideration is received.

Fees for Appeals

  • for an Appeal from a Decision - 5% of the Development Permit Fee paid in respect of the original application subject to a minimum of € 186.35 (Lm 80).
  • for an appeal against enforcement notice € 58.23 (Lm 25) is to be paid.

Form of Appeals

Requests for Appeals should be submitted accompanied by the fee.  The appeal must be accompanied by an application containing grounds for the appeal and the request of the appellant.

The request for appeal should be either submitted by hand directly to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal's Secretary, St. Francis Ditch, Floriana, or sent by post to Environment and Planning Review Tribunal, PO Box 172, Marsa.

Requests for Appeals must also be accompanied by the receipts showing that the Building Levy due in respect of the application has been paid.

Documents to be presented with an appeal:

  • Two (2) original letter for appeal, setting out the reasons for the appeal.
  • An original payment form stamped by the bank
  • Site Plan (2 copies)
  • 2 copies of the letter from which you are appealing
  • 2 copies of all the other documents submitted
  • In the case of Third Party Appeals 3 original letters for appeal are to be presented and 3 copies of all other documents submitted