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The communication initiatives adopted by MEPA over the past two years continues to leave their positive mark, with various stakeholders acknowledging that effective bridge-building has been a catalyst to deeper and more significant working relationship. Evidence of this, is the close relationship MEPA has built with the local council association who over the past months have held regular monthly meetings and worked together to ensure that locals councils are adequately equipped to offer a better service to its citizens. 

Infact over the past few weeks, MEPA in collaboration with the Association organised a number of training workshops for the staff working within Local Councils offices to empower them to effectively make us of all MEPA’s electronic services and information systems which the local councils use on a daily basis.

Peter Gingell, who heads the communications office within MEPA said “The support of the local council association has been trivial, for us to get closer to the local councils and become more effective in our operations to address their growing needs and demands.” He continued “As an Authority we want to continue empowering local councils to assist us in continuously disseminating more information to the public.”  

Ghajnsielem’s mayor Mr Frans Cauchi commented “These seminars have been very informative and have served as another opportunity for us to better understand and offer a better service to our residents.” He also urged MEPA to delegate more services to the Local Councils that can reduce clerical work and increases efficiency for both parties.

At the end of October, MEPA was also invited to address the National Local council’s conference and have a time of discussion with the mayors present. MEPA Chairman Mr. Austin Walker, who address the mayors present highlighted how the MEPA reform, once the legal notice is published within the coming weeks, will tangibly render MEPA’s operation more efficient, accountable, transparent and consistent.

Mr. Walker pointed out “that he believes that while there is much more to be done to keep improving and co-operating more effectively together, what augurs well is that over the past years the Authority and local councils have successfully managed to work closely together, through the Urban Improvement Fund, to produce projects that not only promote, but also improve the local environment and increase the potential of our towns and villages.” “We, as an organization believe and will continue to invest in this relationship with local councils and give you greater space to contribute towards the protection of our environment.” he concluded.