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 suzanne gauchiEMPLOYEE FACT FILE:

NAME | Suzanne Gauci

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES | Manager EU Affairs Unit within MEPA

EDUCTIONAL BACKGROUND | Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Geography, Masters of Arts in Geography, PgC Environmental Management and Protection

HOBBIES | Running and reading (not together!)

You are employed as the Manager of the EU Affairs Unit within MEPA - can you explain what your role entails and what are your main areas of responsibility?
I manage the team which is responsible for the coordination of EU Affairs within MEPA. Our main objective is to provide a strategic co-ordination function on matters that relate to new EU laws and policies, and their implementation.

Could you describe a typical day within your role?
My day is typically jam-packed with different tasks ranging from vetting instruction notes for EU meetings, to drafting briefs to consult stakeholders on draft regulations, to preparing for meetings with the EU Commission, and discussing implementation plans for some EU Directives with colleagues.

What have the highlights of your career at MEPA been so far?
Being assigned the duties of managing the EU Affairs team and the setting up of this team has certainly been a highlight working within the Authority. I have been working on EU Affairs since 2002 and it is satisfying to see how my role has evolved over these years.

I feel particularly pleased with our efforts to increase public consultation initiatives in relation to EU Affairs. These initiatives are proving to be extremely useful for MEPA's work, helping to ensure that the development of Malta’s position on proposed legislation, legal notices transposing EU legislation and on-the-ground deliverables, take into account the views and experience of all stakeholders.

This also helps to ensure that alternative options are duly considered so that the final outcome does not pose undue burden on affected parties. Other highlights include all the instances where we, through the essential work of various technical officers within MEPA, manage to avoid infringing EU law and conclude the negotiations of a dossier to Malta's favour. It is very exciting to see that by coordinating these functions we are managing to fulfill our obligations as an EU Member State which ultimately leads to a better environment and quality of life.

What challenges have you faced/do you face within your role?
The main challenge that I face is the large workload compounded by very short time frames to deliver tasks. This requires additional effort to prioritise tasks and work in a systematic way to provide effective input in a timely manner. In addition, most of the time these tasks require input from various other colleagues within MEPA, the challenge being to coordinate all input on time.

What is your main motivation that keeps you dedicated to delivering a top quality service?
My main motivation is knowing that the input I provide is making a difference to MEPA's contribution and the environment. My team is also a great source of motivation, as we complement each other very well and can rely on each other to deliver.

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