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Establishing Institutional Capacity in the Environment Sector

The project "Establishing Institutional capacity in the Environment Sector" was financed by the National Plan for the Adoption of the Acquis Programme for Malta 2002 which aimed to prepare the Maltese administration to face the challenges posed by EU accession.

The overall objective of this project was to strengthen the institutional capacity within the environment sector to achieve compliance with the EU environmental Acquis. The project was implemented by means of a Twinning partnership with the Northern Ireland Public Sector Enterprises Limited (NICO), which teamed up with the Environment Agency for England & Wales (UK) and the Austrian Federal Environment Agency to line-up an impressive array of international expertise.

The project team closely examined the organisational structure of the institutions involved in the implementation and enforcement of the environmental Acquis and provided multi-disciplinary training to staff engaged in carrying out environment protection functions.

The project also laid foundations for the development of further technical capability to manage new and existing infrastructure in various sectors, including waste, air quality, biodiversity and water, establishing technical standards and codes of practice for various functions related to environmental protection.

The total budget of the twinning project was €900,000, of which €400,000 was provided by the EU and €500,000 by the Maltese Government.

The project was completed in September 2004. Within MEPA, the project was led by the Corporate Services Directorate with the assistance of the EU and Multilateral Affairs Unit.

This project has been realised with the
financial assistance of the European Union