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The Auberge de Provence was built as the hostel of the French knights from Provence between 1571 and 1575 under the directions of Girolamo Cassar. The Auberge de Provence was used as the Thorn’s Hotel in the early 1800s and later in 1826 it was used as
A. A Union Club
B. A Casino
C. A Hostel
D. The National Museum of Archaeology.

MEPA scheduled Auberge de Provence as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government Notice number 276/08 in the Government Gazette dated 28 March 2008.

The correct answer must be sent on email address along with your contact details, by not later than 16th March 2012.
MEPA Employees are not eligible to participate. The winner will receive an educational book by Michael Ellul entitled 'Maltese English Dictionary of Architecture and building in Malta'.