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Safeguarding our living treasure: February's tips to protecting the Environment and its biodiversity.

1. Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by consuming regional, seasonal, eco-labeled products to the greatest extent possible, by walking, riding a bicycle or sharing transport, and by limiting waste.

2. Use portable gadgets for as long as possible
Portable gadgets such as games consoles require various mineral (copper, cobalt, lead etc) which has enormous impact on the surrounding environment. So, think twice before changing your mobile or computer, try to extend their life-span for as long as possible.

3. Buy fish responsibly
Give fish time to rebuild their populations. Eat local fish which do not belong to non-vulnerable species.

4. Do not throw rubbish on the ground
Rubbish has a significant impact on the environment often with disastrous consequences. Try to use public rubbish receptacles and recycle as much as possible.