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Name: Peter Gingell
Designation – Communications & PR Manager
Educational Background: M.Sc. (Glamorgan)
Hobbies: Reading, Tennis and cooking

1. Can you explain what your role entails and your main areas of responsibility?
My role in managing the Communications Office is to ensure that the extensive work that Mepa is carrying out are effectively and timely communicated with our respective stakeholders. Given that Mepa has wide-range of responsibilities I need to ensure that when we come to communicate we know who our target audiences are and so customize and use the appropriate tools to get our message across. Media relations, which is also another important component of this office, is an area which I invest much of my time in. I need to ensure that the media is kept well informed on initiatives and projects that we care carrying out. Besides this I need to ensure that what is being reported in the media about the Authority is factually correct.

2. Could you describe a typical day within your role?
What is for certain, being responsible for communication affairs within this organization is that monotony never quite features into the equation of a days work. I would in the early morning go through any media reports that mention or feature the Authority and assess whether any action needs to be followed up. Throughout the day I would hold various meetings with my colleagues from the environment, planning and enforcement directorates to discuss and propose media and public awareness initiatives that best suit the plans, initiatives or projects that they would be working upon. Typically during the day I would also need to make all the necessary preparations for any upcoming  press conference or media briefing. Preparing and formulating news articles and scripts for audio-visual features we participate in also gets seen to throughout the day. This office also serves as a reference point for a number of our stakeholders and so throughout the day one is constantly finding time to listen and address any queries or issues that they bring up.

3. What have the highlights of your career at MEPA been so far?
A can recall a number but two particular stand out. One is the cultural change that I feel I have managed to instill within a public entity with the way we communicate our messages and make use of the powerful communication tools that are at our disposal. The second, which cannot be solely attributed to my office but to the whole organization, is that the public perception towards Mepa and the work it carries out and is responsible for is constantly improving. This results from a study we carried out over this past year.

4. What challenges have you faced/do you face within your role?
While as an organization we have managed to achieve and contribute positively towards ensuring that our country progress, in the past we have also made our fair share of mistakes. These mistakes left a significant impact in our reputation and trust. The daily challenge is not to wane off honest and constructive criticism, far from it, but to collectively restoring back the trust and credibility in the Authority. Over the past months we have made headway but building stakeholders’ trust in this organisation remains a primary goal.