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Posted on: 26/04/2012


INTERCONNECTORThe MEPA Board earlier today approved planning permission for the laying of an interconnecting submarine power cable between Sicily and Malta and the construction of a Terminal Station in Maghtab. Through this planning permit, as of next year, EneMalta will be in a position to start the process of shutting off and decommissioning the Marsa Power Station.

Through this project, Malta will benefit from being connected to a much larger power system, which will supply an appreciable overload capability that will improve the stability of the local power system in case of local generation plant failure. Additionally, through this connector, Malta will facilitate its renewable energy programme. Large scale renewable energy generation, especially wind, is known to be intermittent, and so the country needs to have a sufficiently sized and stable source to cater for the intermittent supply.

The project will also ensure that the Island’s local generating plant could be used more optimally to reduce emissions and improve local air quality.

An application for the extension of Portomaso including the construction of 46 high quality residential units, an extensive natural sea water swimming pool and parking facilities was refused by the Mepa Board, earlier today.

The Board cited, amongst a number of reasons, that the area in and around Portomaso was already overdeveloped and additional residential units were unsustainable for the area. The Board also noted that previous planning permits that had been granted for the Portomaso development had explicitly included a condition that no extensions/enlargements of this development, its individual elements or any related development within or outside the site will be permitted.

This open enclave, which was proposed for scheduling for its ecological importance, is situated adjacent to an existing Grade I scheduled encroachment wall and the coastal shore of St Julians.