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Posted on: 05/05/2011

packaging wasteThe Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) has given all producers of packaging and packaging waste a final deadline, until the 31st May 2011, to register/renew with the Authority and abide by the provisions of legal notice 277 of 2006.

The Authority is advising all producers of packaging, who have not yet registered/renewed with MEPA, in accordance with the provisions of the Waste Management (Packaging and Packaging Waste) Regulations that they will be liable to criminal prosecution which could result in substantial fines, should they ignore this deadline. 
Any company that imports or manufactures packaging material is obliged according to law, to collect, recycle and recover the packaging that ends up at the consumer end. The company is also responsible for all the packaging that is left at the retailer and wholesaler, together with the packaging that is generated through the transportation of the products. The obligations should be carried out either individually or by means of joining an authorised collective compliance scheme. Only packaging that is exported is exempted from these obligations.  
The Authority reminds all producers of packaging and packaging waste that besides ensuring that the current and past registrations with MEPA are up-to date, producers are also required to:

•    ensure that they either join a collective compliance scheme which will cover them as of 1 January 2011 or otherwise provide evidence that they are self-compliant with the obligations of LN 277 of 2006;
•    pay a penalty to MEPA of 100 Euros per tonne or part thereof, of packaging placed on the market during the year 2009, which although based on self declarations, would be subject to audits by MEPA or approved auditors acting on the Authority’s behalf, and which penalty will cover the obligation as a producer of packaging waste for 2010.

Application forms for such registration are available from the MEPA offices in Floriana and Victoria Gozo, or may also be downloaded from .

Enquiries about this registration process may be made on telephone no. 2290 7240 or 2290 7322 or by email on