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Posted on: 18/02/2011

MEPA tunnelThe Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) has significantly reduced its development planning fees (DPFs) for new development applications that relate to social, cultural, educational and sports activities. As a result of this revision, the fee that will now need to be paid on planning applications such as hospitals, residential and educational institutions, museums, places of worship, sport facilities and social clubs has decreased by 39%. The Authority has also introduced a capping mechanism, which will be of €40,000 for such applications. Through this measure, MEPA and the Government will be assisting and encouraging non-profit making organizations in the work they carry out.

Following the revision of its fees last July, the Authority began to calculate planning development fees on the basis of the size of the proposed project. This change left an impact on some non-residential applications that are land-intensive such as sports complexes and landscaping works. The Authority is choosing to re-introduce capping on its fees for these type of applications that are non-residential.

These revisions are getting implemented follow a consultation exercise that the Authority carried out with a number of organizations, associations and local councils. Last July, MEPA had published a legal notice (L.N. 356/10) whereby the planning development fees had been raised to reflect the costs the Authority was incurring in providing a wide-range of services to its customers.     

In order not to discourage the practice of rehabilitating disused quarries for waste disposal, land reclamation for agriculture purposes or impose further costs on the quarry industry which would ultimately translate into an indirect cost on all built development, the Authority also set a capping on these type of development applications. 

The Authority has also set a capping of €55,000 on Environment and Development Briefs.

The Authority also adjusted the flat rate fee it had introduced last July on demolition works. The revised fees will now be based on the demolished area.

These new revisions have been published in Legal Notice 48 of 2011 and can be viewed on the Authority’s website at