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Posted on: 18/02/2011

salinarehabilitationprojectThe MEPA Board today approved the full development application for the restoration and rehabilitation of the Salini and their ancillary facilities. 

The project, which covers an area of approximately 18000 sqm, will include the reinstatement of rubble walls along the saltpans, the installation of a number of bird observation posts, the reinstatement of the marshland, timber decking as a passageway along the garigue area and the rehabilitation and change of use of the Ximenes Redoubt into an interpretation centre. The project will also include the demolishing of the exiting dilapidated salt hut structures and their re-construction. These replicated huts will be used as part of the salt industry and include a visitors center.

Two boat jetties will be constructed, one near the marshland and the other one on the side of the interpretation centre. The boats used are expected to have an electrical motor to avoid any possible contamination. The interpretation centre will be linked to the boat jetty through a new underground link which will facilitate access without the need to disrupt the traffic. This project is being co-financed by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development.

The MEPA Board also approved planning permission for the construction of an office and commercial block at Smart City in Kalkara. This approved development, which will be located in the south eastern part of the site, will add 9,208 sqm of office floor space and 1,309 sq m of retail space as approved in the master plan.