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Posted on: 23/11/2010

LPG_regulationsFollowing the introduction of Legal Notice 249 of 2008 and the LPG Codes of Practice by the Malta Resources Authority (MRA), the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) has amended the Development Notification Order (DNO) regulations.

The Malta Resources Authority had sought to introduce Legal Notice 249 of 2008 which establishes the competent person in LPG technology who will certify such storages and empowers the Authority to issue licences for the operation of these structures. Given that MRA are solely responsible for the safety of these installations, the Authority published the LPG Codes of Practice. This code of practice seeks to ensure that the construction, installation and operation of such technologies are safe.

With these public safety measures now in place, MEPA has amended the legal notice which regulates minor developments to include the permitted development of secondary storage of LPG tanks

Secondary storages of LPG are used throughout the islands by commercial entities mainly for cooking purposes, industrial entities for the firing of furnaces and other processes requiring heat input and by the domestic sector generally for heating and cooking purposes.