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Posted on: 01/07/2010

mepaofficesThe Malta Environment and Planning Authority announced a revision in the rates for development planning applications.

The rates pertaining to planning applications were introduced in 1993 when the Planning Authority was set up. Until today, these rates have never changed. Given this, MEPA’s income from these rates was not reflecting the costs the Authority was incurring to provide such services.

Between 2005 and 2010, the government would have passed on to MEPA €45 million, between the annual subvention and the accumulated debt that gets paid from the central fund. This means that part of  the taxes the country generates, was going into subsidizing those customers that utilize MEPA’s services. Government has therefore taken the decision that MEPA should generate enough income from its operations to cover its recurrent expenditure.

The new rates are calculated according to the size of the development. The smaller the development, the cheaper the outstanding amount. The rates also differentiate according to the type of development. The rates per square meter for apartments are cheaper than the rates for villas, bungalows and penthouses.

The rates may be calculated by the architect of the applicant who can now submit simultaneously online, both the payment and the planning application. This was not possible with the current system, which is more complicated. Moreover, this new system will improve the efficiency in the processing of planning applications. The new rates will enter into force upon publication of legal notice and will be effective as from the 16th July 2010.