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Posted on: 05/03/2003

mainpage_wastemanagementAll persons that manage waste, and in some cases those that produce waste, are to apply for a permit from the Malta Environment & Planning Authority by 1 April 2003. This requirement ensues from Legal Notice 337 of 2001 Waste Management (Permit and Control) Regulations, which regulates the production and management of all types of waste.

The production of waste in a number of sectors requires a permit. These include, among others, the energy industry, the production and processing of metals, minerals, chemicals, slaughterhouses, food production, the ship repair and ship-building industries, airports, sea ports, local councils, hospitals, sewage treatment plants and activities that generate radioactive waste. The full list of activities that require a Waste Production Permit may be found in Schedule 7 of the legal notice.

Furthermore, the following waste management operations require a permit:

(a) the storage, collection, sorting, transport, treatment, recovery, recycling, and disposal of waste, including public cleansing activities, whether these activities are carried out on Maltese land or in Maltese territorial waters;

(b) the arrangement for brokerage and supervision of such operations on behalf of a third party;

(c) the ownership, management and after-care of sites used for the storage, treatment, recovery, deposit or disposal of waste; and

(d) any other activity which is deemed by the competent authority to constitute waste management.

All persons, undertakings, companies and corporations who are carrying out such activities are to apply by informing the Director for Environment Protection of their activities.

Applicants shall be able to continue operating while their application is being processed by MEPA.

The purpose of the regulations is to control all operations relating to the production and management of waste and to promote sound waste management practices so as to safeguard human health and the environment.

Further information may be obtained by phoning 2290 1571 or 22901086, on fax 2290 1585 or by e-mail