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Action at film studios

Posted on: 25/05/2009

DA_rinellaMEPA removes illegal structures in buffer zone of Fort Rinella

Large illegal structures that were intruding the visual integrity of the Grade 1 Scheduled Rinella Fort were demolished by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) in a direct action operation at the Mediterranean Film Studios at Rinella, limits of Kalkara.

These structures, which fell within the buffer zone area of the world's first mechanical fort, consisted of a 'hangar size' metal structure, an extension to a canteen and storage area and a large metal canopy.

In a brief statement, MEPA Chairman Mr Austin Walker said "that while the Authority supports the initiatives and efforts the filming industry takes to remain competitive in the international market, we cannot tolerate that illegal and insensitive development takes places, especially on the doorstep of a historical site which daily attracts numerous visitors." He continued to say that "We need to safeguard and enhance the cultural and architectural heritage of our Island and keep working to improve our product together"

The studio manager of the Mediterranean Film Studios had been notified to submit a planning application to sanction works on site but this application was never received by the Authority. These structures are not temporary props of any film production but illegal structures that began mushrooming in the area.

The Authority is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that this operation does not disrupt any on-going filming activities at the studios.