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Posted on: 22/05/2008

balcony 2MEPA commits €1,196,049 to address and accommodate wide-spread demand

The Malta Environment & Planning Authority (MEPA) would like to correct and clarify the manipulated information that certain media chose to use for the wrong motives with respect to Wooden Balcony Grant Scheme.

The Wooden Balcony Grant Scheme which was started in 1996 was never an on-going initiative but a periodic incentive that the Authority carried out throughout the years. Prior to the launch of the last scheme, in October 2007, the Authority had issued this incentive grant on 7 other occasions. On all occasions the scheme was limited and restricted to a minimal number of localities or properties.

Birgu, Bormla, l-Isla and Kalkara
Birgu, Bormla, l-Isla and Kalkara
Valletta and Floriana
Birgu, Bormla, l-Isla and Kalkara
Valletta and Floriana
All NGO properties and Clubs in Malta and Gozo
Siggiewi, Zejtun, Rabat (Gozo) and Scheduled properties

Upon receiving a great number of requests from residents all over Malta and Gozo to have their locality one day included in this scheme, the Authority last October decided to accommodate this demand by opening up this scheme for all localities in Malta and Gozo that had an Urban Conservation Area and all other scheduled properties. This approach was adopted to give all residence and localities an equal, one-time opportunity to benefit from this financial incentive. In fact unlike in previous years, for the latest scheme the Authority committed €1,196,049 in grants.

These grants will be distributed to all residents that had applied and received a letter of acceptance from the Authority. The submission of applications for this scheme was open between October 2007 and the 15th January 2008.

The Authority will in the future assess the need to re-issue another scheme.