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Posted on: 30/11/2007

bastionsThe Malta Environment & Planning Authority strongly condemns the act of vandalism which has taken place on the German Curtain of the Valletta Fortifications. It has also requested the Administrative Law Enforcement to investigate the matter as this action is a criminal offence. MEPA has also informed the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure to investigate the matter.

Inspections by MEPA show that burnt engine oil has defaced part of the fortifications along Marsamxett Road. The used oil was probably dumped in the water run-off gutter on the bastion. The used oil made its way through a spout or a fissure in the parapet and cascaded along the bastion to the street below. According to experts in restoration it will not be an easy task to remove this scar. It is regrettable, say the sane sources that this vandal attack comes at a time when the central government has just acquired millions of Euros to restore the 27 kilometers of fortifications around the Maltese Islands.

These fortifications are scheduled as Grade 1 property (Harbour Fortifications) as in GN133/01and, in spite of the cleaning works that will have to be carried out, it is likely that a permanent stain will remain on the monument.