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Posted on: 02/11/2007

statisticsThe Malta Environment & Planning Authority (MEPA) decided 681 applications in October and received 744 new applications. The net pending caseload at the end of the month was 4,615.

During October the Authority processed 104 notifications of development, which, according to the Development Notification Order 2001, do not require a formal application.

In October 2007, 59 Stop and Enforcement notices were issued, 55 in Malta and 4 in Gozo.

During the same month, 32 enforcement cases were closed, 23 in Malta and 9 in Gozo. 23 enforcement cases were sanctioned by the issue of a sanctionable permit. Another 7 cases were resolved since owners decided to remove illegal development and comply with enforcement notice. During the same month 2 cases were withdrawn by MEPA.

46 cases received at Complaints office were resolved without the need of enforcement action, since owners complied with instructions given by MEPA enforcement officers.

In October, MEPA carried out 2 Direct Action operations as shown below:

No of operations
Type of operation
3 Oct 2007
Naxxar (Wied il-Ghasel)
Cleaning of valley from concrete wash (Wied il-Ghasel) (camura
16 Oct 2007
Delimara l/o M'Xlokk
Sealing off premises