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Posted on: 27/09/2007

ghirghienDBThe Malta Environment & Planning Authority has published for Public Consultation, a Development Brief for the area known as Il-Ghirghien in Birzebbugia, as required by the Development Planning Act (1992), in order to encourage integrated planning of future development in this area.

This Brief is generally based on provisions contained in a number of policies in the Marsaxlokk Bay Local Plan (approved in 1995), in particular, Policy MB 18 and MB22.
The recommended development direction in this document is:

social and community facilities,
open spaces and recreational land.

Policy MB18 encourages a degree of mixed development, taking into account the provision of public/community-related facilities in this area. The various new open spaces/ green areas, including sports facilities, recommended in this Brief, are to remain accessible to the public in order to strengthen community identity and perhaps contribute to a greater integration of Tal-Papa housing area and residential areas flanking Wied il-Qoton.

A Pastoral Centre, located on a site flanking Triq ic-Cief and Triq il-Port Hieles, is being planned together with other community facilities (elderly centre, childcare and facilities for social organisations). The protection of historico-cultural features on the area as well as the creation of recreational walkways/ jogging paths, and soft landscaping (particularly in the vicinity of Triq il-Port Hieles) are also envisaged by this Brief.

An assessment of any identified structures/buildings, having cultural importance and of land which may contain agricultural and ecological value, is a requirement prior to any development commencing around or within the respective sites included within this Brief.

Traffic management is also seen as an important component of this Brief in view of the recommended contextual setup outlined above. To this effect, a re-definition of the current street classification system in the area (where appropriate) and a series of junction improvements, are required. In particular, these measures entail the downgrading of Triq il-Port Hieles as well as improvements on a number of junctions affecting the area.

In addition, this Development Brief addresses flooding problems in the area by making provision for improved structures within the context of development planned for the area.

Copies of the development brief viewed/purchased from the MEPA offices in Floriana, the Birzebbugia Local Council or the Authority's website

Comments and suggestions which may be considered in the development brief for this area may be sent to:

Malta Environment & Planning Authority
Director of Planning
Il-Ghirghien Development Brief
St. Francis Ravellin
Floriana CMR 02

or by email to

by not later than Wednesday 31st October 2007.