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Welcome to MEPA’s Geoportal

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When select/unselect the layers you want to display – Click on REFRESH in order to effect changes. To refresh Map window press F5.  (For further assistance click on help document).  

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All Planning and Environment Data available on MEPA’s Geoportal is indicative and for general guidance purposes only. Therefore it should not be used as a source for any legal decision particularly   those relating to transfer or valuation of property. Given that most of the data is compiled at a lower level of resolution, MEPA also strongly advises against using this Geoportal as a basis for interpretation of delineations or alignments.  While all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the information is correct, MEPA does not warrant the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the Data. Users noting corrections are kindly requested to inform MEPA through the following e-mail address -  or addressed in writing to Mapping Unit , St. Francis Ravelin, Floriana, FRN 1230, Malta.

The copyright of all topographic maps and related products viewed on MEPA’s Geoportal belongs to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.  Such data is intended for viewing purposes only unless duly purchase or authorised accordingly. No map, survey data or publication may be reproduced, stored by electronic means in an electronic retrieval system or medium, transmitted in any form, or viewed by any means, including being viewed on a visual terminal screen, or translated into any other form (hard copy) or language, without the prior written permission of the MEPA.

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