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The Structure Plan

The Structure Plan is the document that provides strategic guidance on land use in the Maltese Islands. Drawn up in 1990, its goals are three-fold:

1. To encourage further social and economic development of the Maltese Islands and to ensure as far as possible that sufficient land and support infrastructure are available to accommodate it.

2. To use land and buildings efficiently and consequently to channel urban development activity into existing built up areas particularly through rehabilitation and upgrading of urban areas thus constraining further inroads into undeveloped land.

3.   To radically improve the quality of all aspects of the environment.

Two extensive monitoring studies were carried out (in 1995 and 1997) to gauge progress in the implementation of the Structure Plan. Under the Development Planning Act 1992, as amended in 2001, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority is legally obliged to review the Structure Plan to address issues that are relevant now, or that will become relevant over the next 20 years. 

Structure Plan for the Maltese Island  
Partial Structure Plan Review - Amendments to SET 8 and IND 6 (July 2005) 


Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands - Draft Final Written Statement and Key Diagram (December 1990) full written statement. 


Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands - Explanatory Memorandum (December 1990) 


Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands - Summary of Public Consultation (January 1991)  


Structure Plan Reports  
Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands, Preliminary Study funded by Commonwealth Foundation, JFQ Switzer and JA Wells Thorpe (June 1988)  


Structure Plan Brief, Town Planning Division, Ministry for Development of Infrastructure (October 1988) 


Structure Plan Report of Survey Vol. 1 (August 1990)


 Structure Plan Report of Survey Vol. 2 (August 1990)

Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands, Written Statement - 1st Draft, Ministry for Development of Infrastructure (Planning Services Division) (November 1990) Download
Key Issues and Summary of Report of Survey, Ministry for Development and Infrastructure (1990), (Materji Fundamentali, Gabra fil-Qosor tar-Rapport ta’ Stharrig) Download
Structure Plan Technical Reports  
SPTR 1.1 Population, Households and Dwellings Projections Download 
SPTR 1.2 Report of Survey: Settlement Pattern and Built Environment Download
SPTR 2.1 Report of Survey: Commerce and Industry Download 
SPTR 3.1 Report of Survey: Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Download
SPTR 4.1 Report of Survey: Public Transport Download 
SPTR 4.2 Report of Survey: Roads, Traffic and Travel demand Download 
SPTR 4.3 Report of Survey: Aviation Download 
SPTR 4.4 Land Use/Transport Options: Improving Public Transport Download 
SPTR 5.1 Report of Survey: Overall Urban and Rural Conservation/Rehabilitation Download 
SPTR 5.2 Report of Survey: Marine Parks and Reserves Potential Download 
SPTR 5.3 Report of Survey: Quarries Download 
SPTR 5.4 Report of Survey: Natural Resources Download 
SPTR 6.1 Report of Survey: Social and Community Facilities Download 
SPTR 7.1 Report of Survey: Public Utility Services Download 
SPTR 9.1 Planning Legislation and related Matters - Appraisal and Outline Proposals Download 
SPTR 9.2 A Specification for a new Planning Institute Download 
SPTR 10.1 Report of Survey: Public Attitudes Survey Download