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The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) has initiated the process for all local plans, which today add up to seven, to be reviewed. The process is commencing with a three month long public participation exercise, through which, the Authority is inviting local councils, the public and all interested stakeholders to take the initiative and get involved in the entire process of re-drafting local planning policies which directly affect and impacts their lives.

The scope of this review exercise is to identify any shortcomings that exist in the current local plans but more importantly to propose innovative ideas and recommend new land-use purposes which can positively be considered during the compilation of the new proposed local plans.  Following the draft compilation of the new local plans, which will get published next year, the Authority will issue the draft policies for further public consultation.

Local Plans aim at regulating development both on a regional level and also on the level of localities.

Local plans are enabling plan which safeguard land for a range of identified activities giving due regard to their context, inter-compatibility and to promote certain types of investment in identified areas. They also earmark areas for residential accommodation, urban regeneration, social and community amenities, promotion of tourist activity, recreational facilities, employment opportunities, utilities management and safeguarding of cultural and natural heritage.

The Authority intends creating planning policies that are tailored to achieve a sustainable balance between the wide range of citizen’s aspirations. This goal can only be reached if active citizens’ participation is secured from the outset. Active participation is strongly encouraged so that MEPA and decision takers do not just get the views of the vociferous few, but would be in a position to gauge the aspirations of the many.   

Throughout the course of this public participation period the Authority will be organizing a series of engagement meetings to facilitate and involve citizens in the entire process of this local plan revision exercise.   

The public is being invited to submit comments and suggestions by clicking on the above online form or by sending written correspondance by post at LP2013, Local Plans, St. Francis Ravelin, Floriana by not later than 30th September 2013. For further information the public can also call 2290 1027 during office hours.  

 Public Meeting Powerpoint Presentation - MLT 

Public Meeting Powerpoint Presentation - ENG  


Central Local Plan                                    

North West Local Plan                                                        

Malta South Local Plan   

Marsaxlokk Bay Local Plan      

Gozo and Comino Plan   

Grand Harbours Local Plan        

North Habours Local Plan