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Planning Skills for Workers in Urban Regeneration

The project "Attainment and consolidation of planning skills for workers in urban regeneration" was funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci programme which is a Community Vocational Training action programme under the umbrella of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The project aimed to improve the skills of MEPA's professional planning staff working on urban rehabilitation, strategic planning, local plan making, integrated heritage management and development control issues in putting into practice the concept of integrated urban rehabilitation. This was done by means of 10 structured work placements with key planning organisations in this field in the EU.

The host organisations were local government authorities, planning consultants and public rehabilitation agencies in Denmark, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, all of which are well known for their successful case histories in the area of urban rehabilitation. The placements took place between October 2003 and September 2004. They provided the beneficiaries with the opportunity to observe, discuss and participate in the day to day running of their organisation. Each beneficiary was engaged in an active learning process through a detailed work programme.

MEPA professional staff gained a clear understanding of how to integrate the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of rehabilitation.

This project was launched in June 2003 and completed in September 2004. The total budget for this project was €50,687 out of which MEPA's contribution was €24,187.

Within MEPA, this project was coordinated by the EU & Multilateral Affairs Unit in collaboration with the Human Resources Unit.

   Final Report 

This project has been realised with the
financial assistance of the European Union