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MEPA Circulars

CIR 1/16 Issued on 18/01/16
1 The concession
2 Requirement for the issue of the MEPA certificate

CIR 6/15 Issued on 25/11/15

CIR 5/15 Issued on 09/11/15
Development control design policy, guidance and standards 2015
1    Main principles
2    Contents
3    Implementation
4    Coming into force

CIR 4/15 Issued on 06/11/15
1 Commencement Notice form
2 Mandatory fields in application forms
3 Submission requirements -reminer
4 3D printing  

CIR 3/15 Issued on 21/08/15
1 Submission requirements for development applications adopting the Floor Area Ratio Mechanism

CIR 2/15 Issued on 13/08/15
1 Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development
2 Annex

CIR 1/15 Issued on 16/04/15
1 Transport Impact Assessments

CIR 3/14 Issued on 05/05/14
1 Development of gardens and backyards
2 Use of basements and semi-basements
3 Change of use of small garages linked to single dwelling units
4 Visiting hours

CIR 2/14 Issued on 08/04/14
Protocol to regulate development planning applications in terms of “access for all requirements”

CIR 1/14 Issued on 03/03/14
The new use classes order

CIR 1/13 Issued on 13/08/13
1 Extension of validity of development permits approved since august 2006
2 Enforcement policy – infringements within parts of sites
3 Extension of validity & resubmission periods - compliance certification
4 DNO application form revision and guidelines - DNO Guidance Notes 
CIR 7/12 Issued on 04/12/12
Interpretation of policies related to category 2 settlements odz / rural settlements

CIR 6/12 Issued on 18/10/2012
Notice on the rationalisation scheme

CIR 5/12 Issued on 10/10/2012
DNO changes
Processing of PA Applications, DNOs and minor amendments where illegal development exists on site
Amendments to correction of site application procedure

CIR 4/12 Issued on 02/08/2012
Procdure for concession related to schedule 8 category b of the EDP Act
Application Form: Article 91 cases
Application Form: Notification to owner

CIR 3/12 Issued on 20/06/2012
1 Mepa Board Presentations
2 Application For Removal Of Structural Danger - Application Form

CIR 02/12 Issued on 06/06/2012
1 Dealing with post decision requirements

CIR 01/12 Issued on 19/04/2012
1 Amendments to Procedures Legal Notice
2 Expected Processing Timeframes
3 Renewal & Amended Applications – Change of Perit Form
4 Consultation with Enemalta Corporation
5 Consolidation of Customer Relations
6 Facilitating Access to Archives 
CIR 03/11 Issued on 13/09/2011
1. Minor Amendment Procedure
2. Surgery Hours
3. Screening Request Submission Checklist
4. Planning Applications Submission Checklist
5. Submission Vetting

CIR 2/11 Issued on 20/07/2011
1. Clarification on the requests for payment of printing costs.

CIR 1/11 Issued in March 2011:
1. Addressing Sanitary Issues for Applications Submitted Prior to 1st January 2011 
2. FAQs on Legal Notice Regulating the Process of Development Permission
3. Requests for Copies of Approved Drawings/Documents

CIR 4/10 Issued on 22/12/2010:
1. LPG Secondary Storage
2. Clarification of Policies 2.5 and 10.6 of Development Control Policy & Dseign Guidance 2007
3. Clarification of Submission Requirements for Development Permission Applications
4. Illegal Development
5. Consultees with Representative at MEPA Office 
6. Representation on Planning Applications
7. Submission of Appeals

CIR 3/10 Issued on 22/12/2010:


1. The Changes
2. Planning Applications 
3. Planning Decisions
4. Compliance

CIR 2/10:
1. Submission Requirements
2. Amendments to Application Form
3. Introduction of New Forms
4. Consultation with Enemalta  Corporation

Submission Requirements for Development Applications

CIR 1/10:
1. Introduction of the Development Planning (Fees) Regulations, 2010
2. New Submission Requirements – Identification of Areas on Drawings

CIR 2/09:
1 Submission Requirements for Minor Amendment Applications

CIR 1/09:
1 Inclusiuon of new clause in Notice to Applicant

CIR 3/08:
1 Policy and Design Guidance: Agriculture, Farm Diversification and Stables

CIR 2/08:
1 Environmental Impact Assessment

CIR 3/07:
1 The Main Changes to the 2001 EIA Regulations

CIR 2/07:
1 Development Notification Order 2007 - The Changes

CIR 1/07:
1 New Regulations on the Procedure for Minor Modifications to Subsidiary Plans
2 Development Control Policy and Design Guidance DC 2007 - The Main Changes
3 Submission Requirements
4 Submission of Plans at Development Control Commisions after Finalisation of Development Permission Application Report

CIR 1/06:
1 Changes to the Development Planning Application Process

CIR 3/05:
1 Correction of wrong site plans
2 Extension of Valletta Air-Condition Units Scheme
3 Interpretation of Structure Plan Policy TRA4 and CPPS refund

CIR 2/05:
1 Policy and Design Guidance 2005

CIR 1/05:
1 Supplementary Planning Policy Guidance on Open Storage Areas
2 Supplementary Planning Policy Guidance on 'Major Accident Hazards and Hazardous Substances'
3 Procedure on Air Conditioning Units in Valletta

CIR 8/02: Revised Version - Effective Date is 15th March 2003
1 Submission Requirements for Development Permission Applications, Development Notification Order Notifications, Requests for Sanitary Endorsement and Minor Amendments
2 Development (Removal of Danger) Order 2002
Sample Plan to Construct (609KB), Sample Plan to Demolish (614KB)
Sample Elevation to Construct (379KB), Sample Elevation to Demolish (395KB)
Sample ODZ (517KB), Sample Village Core (594KB)

CIR 7/02:
1 Utilities Topic Paper
2 Urban Conservation & Built Environment Topic Paper
3 Retail Planning Guidelines
4 SMEs (Micro-Enterprise) Site Selection Exercise
5 Legal Notices amending Building Levy Rates & Delegation of Decisions on Planning Control Applications to DCC

CIR 6/02:
1 Employment Topic Paper
2 Rural Strategy Topic Paper
3 Central Malta Local Plan
4 Gozo & Comino Local Plan
5 Sanitary Endorsement Procedures
6 Notification for Development

CIR 5/02:
1 Satellite Dishes
2 Tables & Chairs
3 Marfa Action Plan

CIR 4/02:
1 New Legislative Amendments
2 Development Control Commission (Divisions)
3 Web Site
4 Leisure And Recreation Topic Paper
5 Adoption Of Grand Harbour Local Plan

CIR 3/02:
1. Coastal Strategy Topic Paper
2. Housing Topic Paper
3. The Minerals Subject Plan 2002-2010
4. Guidelines on Trees, Shrubs and Plants for Planting & Landscaping in the Maltese Islands
5. Grand Harbour Local Plan
6. New CPPS Scheme at Rabat (Gozo) and boundary changes to CPPS Hamrun
7. EIA web site
8. Development Planning Act
9. Appeals Board Decisions

CIR 2/02:
1. Access for All - Vetting of Applications by the National Commission for Persons with Disability
2. Newly approved documents

CIR 1/02:
1. Amendments to the Development Planning Act 1992

CIR 5/01:
1. Amendments to the Development Planning Act 1992
2. Policies approved by the Planning Authority

CIR 4/01:
1. Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2001
2. Amendments to Policy and Design Guidance - Fish Farming
3. Amendments to Development Control Policy and Design Guidance 2000 - Stairwells
4. Development Notification Order Procedure
5. Access for All - Industrial Development
6. Maps and Geographic Information Online

CIR 3/01:
1. Changes to the GDO
2. Traffic Impact Statements
3. Services on the Planning Authority Web Site

CIR 2/01:
1. Revision to the Parking Standard for Hotels
2. Changes to the Structure of the Development Control Unit

CIR 1/01:
1.Building Levy Rates (Amendment) Regulations 2000

CIR 4/00
1. Planning Authority and Ministry of Tourism agreed procedure for Tourism Projects
2. Development Control Policy and Design Guidance 2000

CIR 3/00
1. Parking for Penthouses
2. Completing Development Permission Application Forms

CIR 2/00:  
1. Commuted Parking Payment Scheme for Hamrun
2. Development Planning (Use Classes) (Amendment) Order 2000

CIR 1/00
Development Control Policy : Swimming pools outside development zone

CIR 3/99:  
1. The Building Levy Rates (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 1999
2. Access For All - Equal Opportunities (Persons With Disability) Act
3. The Advertisement (Regulation) (Amendment) Order 1999
4. Consultation with ENEMALTA

CIR 2/99:  
Information to be submitted with Applications for Development Permission
The availability of Site Plans
Pre 1967 Development Certificates
The Building Levy rates (amendment) Regulations 1999
Fines for Minor Infringements

CIR 1/99:
The Professionals' Room
Telephone Enquiry Service
The Commuted Parking Payment  Scheme
GDO Notification Form

CIR 3/98:
The Commuted Parking Payment Scheme
Changes to the Building Levy
Processing Setting Out Requests
GDO Notification Form

CIR 2/98:
Instrument of Delegation
Enforcement Policy
Procedure for Dealing with Minor Amendments
Consultation on the DPA Report
Notification of the Target Process Date
The Validity Period of Development Permissions
Access to the GDO Officer
The DPA Report

CIR 1/98:
Time Limit for the submission of requests for reconsideration
Overturning of recommendations by the DCC
New Policy
Height Limitation Guidance
Revised General Notes and Checklist of Application Submission Requirements

CIR 7/97:
The Planning Factbook Volume 2
New Procedures
New Policies

CIR 6/97:
The Building Levy Rates (Amendment) Regulation 1997
The Building Levy Calculator Software -   further info

CIR 5/97:
The General Development Order 1997

CIR 4/97:
Change to Development Control Procedures arising from the Development Planning (Amendment) Act 1997

CIR 3/97:
The Planning Factbook

CIR 2/97:
Applications on Government Land
Application Reference Numbers
Conditions which alter the development
Change of Ownership
Third Party Civil Rights
Information to be submitted with applications
New Draft Policies being consulted upon

CIR 1/97:
Compliance Certificates

CIR 5/96:
Changes to the Method of Payment of the Building Levy
The New System for Planning Control Applications
Validity Period of Development Permissions
Information Submitted with Applications

CIR 4/96:
The Building Levy Rates Regulations 1996
The Vetting of Information Submitted with Applications

CIR 3/96: Withdrawn

CIR 2/96:
Requests to be Present at Meetings of the Development Control Commission
Regularising Unauthorised Development
Information to be Submitted with Applications

CIR 1/96: The New Application Form
New Procedure for the Setting Out of Alignments and Formation Levels

CIR 2/95:
Availability of Development Permit Application Reports
Validity of Permissions
Renewal of Development Permission
Dismissal of Applications
Enforcement Notices
The Fee Procedure for Appeals
The New Applications Form and Information Supplied with
Access for All

CIR 1/95:
Development Control Policy Guidance: Developments Outside Built-up Areas
Satellite Dishes

CIR 7/94:
‘Surgery’ for Planning Officers
Requests to be Present at the Meetings of the Development Control Commission

CIR 2/94:
Development Planning Use Classes Order 1994
Development Control Guidance - Kiosks

CIR 1/94:
Approved Policy Guidance for Kindergartens/Day Nurseries

CIR 10/93:
Commencement Notice
General Development Order
Advertisement Regulations
Users Committee
Information Requirements

CIR 9/93:
Interpretation of Policy
Validity of Permissions
Information Requirements
Amendments to Plans
Site Notices

CIR 8/93:
Changes to Building Levy Regulations

CIR 7/93:
Penthouse and the Provision of Car Parking
Commuted Car Parking Payments
Dangerous Structures
Listed/Scheduled Buildings
Information Required with Applications for Commercial

CIR 6/93:
Police Trading Licences (Advice Note)

CIR 5/93:
Method of Payment of Fines, Appeals and Other Fees

CIR 4/93:
Method for Making Appointments in Connection with Development Permit Applications
Further Information to Accompany Development Permit Applications

CIR 3/93:
Traffic Generation, Access and Parking

CIR 2/93:
Changes to Revised Planning Procedures

CIR 1/93:
The Building Levy - Rates, Method of Calculation and Payment
Appeals - Fees and Method of Application

CIR 1/92:
Information on Revised Planning Procedures