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Government Organisations

Heritage Malta and Malta Centre for Restoration
The mission of Heritage Malta is to ensure that those elements of the cultural heritage entrusted to it are protected and made accessible to the public as defined in the Cultural Heritage Act. The Malta Centre for Restoration, absorbed by Heritage Malta, is a centre of excellence for the teaching, training, research and practice of conservation, restoration, maintenance, management and presentation of the cultural heritage, and to provide conservation and restoration services and consultation as may be required by other bodies, both public and private.

Restoration Unit
The Restoration Unit carries out varies out various specialised restoration works, whilst providing project management services to various Ministries and other department within the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs (MRRA).

Superintendence of Cultural Heritage
The mission of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage is to fulfill the duties of the State to ensure the protection and accessibility of cultural heritage as defined in the Cultural Heritage Act.

Non-Government Organisations

Biological Conservation Research Foundation
The Biological Conservation Research Foundation's mission is to promote conservation research, monitoring and action, increase local awareness of the uses and needs of biodiversity, bring to the fore issues related to local habitat and degradation and species vulnerability, encourage public collaboration toward a better natural environment for our children and beyond, assist in the management
of the natural environment for conservation.

BirdLife Malta
BirdLife Malta strives to conserve wild birds and their habitats. The organisation monitors activity that threatens wild birds, such as illegal hunting and trapping and urban development in conservation areas on the Maltese Islands.

Din l-Art Helwa (National Trust of Malta)
Din l-Art Helwa, National Trust of Malta, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation founded in 1965 to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta.

Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta
The Federation for Hunting and Conservation in Malta.

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar
Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) is a non-political pressure group composed of citizens who are concerned about the threat to Malta's heritage and environmental well-being caused by over development of our islands. 

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (Malta Heritage Trust)
Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - Malta Heritage Trust is a voluntary non-governmental organisation active in the field of heritage preservation. It looks after several historic buildings and sites in Malta, all of which are open to the public. 

Friends of the Earth Malta
Friends of the Earth Malta has been active in the environmental field since 1985 under the name of Żgħażagħ għall-Ambjent and later as Moviment għall-Ambjent. The group was first set up as an umbrella organization for various youth and environmental groups, but soon developed into a committee of activists. They are a local non-government organisation, member of an International Network of NGOs, which strive to promote sustainable development and to ensure that human activities do not harm other living creatures.

Light Pollution Awareness Group Malta
The aim of Light Pollution Awareness Group (LPAG) Malta is to create awareness about light pollution and its adverse effects on man and on local fauna and flora.

Malta Ecological Foundation
The Malta Ecological Foundation is a voluntary non-profit environmental Non Government Organisation setup in August 1992 with an aim to increase ecological awareness, protect the local environment through lobbying, conduct research and surveys, and think on a global scale and act on a local level.

Malta Organic Agricultural Movement (MOAM)
The primary aims of Malta Organic Agricultural Movement (MOAM) is to inform the public about Organic Agriculture, share and disseminate ideas and methods for Organic Agriculture, organise the necessary training, represent those who embrace organic principles both locally (in parliamentary circles, administration and policy making) as well as internationally, follow closely the developments in this field, set up and update Organic Agriculture standards for Malta and co-ordinate product certification.

Moviment Graffitti
Moviment Graffitti is active against oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy.

Nature Trust (Malta)
Nature Trust (Malta) was founded on 12 December 1962 - then called the Natural History Society of Malta.  On 8 January 1999 a merger of four NGOs took place - Society for the Study and Conservation of Nature (formerly known as Natural History Society of Malta) founded 1962, Arbor founded 1983, Verde founded 1997 and Marine Life Care Group (MLCG)  - to Nature Trust (Malta)

Ramblers Association of Malta
Aims of the Ramblers Association of Malta include to promote rambling activities as a means of a healthy lifestyle, protect and develop the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of the Maltese Islands, organise educational activities and to convey information useful to all ramblers, identify and to maintain a network of public footpaths in the open countryside,  preserve and establish the right of access to the open countryside and seaside where it does not conflict with the protection of the environment, make representations to competent authorities and institutions in order to ensure law enforcement with regard to citizens' rights in accordance with the Environment Charter of the European Union, encourage and organise exchanges among ramblers in order to strengthen mutual understanding among the people of Europe.

Wirt Ghawdex
The mission of Wirt Ghawdex is to foster the knowledge and safeguard the natural, archaeological, historical and anthropological patrimony of the islands of Gozo and Comino.

Other Websites

Cinema Heritage Group
The recording, preservation and dissemination of cinema going history, its architectural, social and cultural aspects. 

Kappelli Maltin
Information about scheduled chapels in Malta.