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Compliance Auditing

Compliance auditing of environmental permits is an integral part of the permitting process, carried out by the Environmental Permitting & Industry Unit. Periodic inspections are carried out at a range of facilities, including landfills, waste management facilities and other industry such as manufacturing plants and factories according to environmental risk. The team also investigates complaints from the public relating to permitted facilities. The frequency of how these facilities are inspected for compliance depends on their overall environmental performance. Inspections are also carried out when complaints are received regarding industrial sites which are not in possession of an environment permit; such operators are offered the possibility of rectifying environmental issues through the environmental permit process.

Compliance entails obeying all conditions set out in a specific permit. These can range from simple measures such as maintaining a proper site identification board; to more complex issues such as monitoring of air quality. Some conditions also relate strictly to provision of information, such as providing the Authority with periodic records of any data required which is linked to environment issues (e.g. quantities of waste removed from site).

Inspection results are currently being compiled with a view towards publication of data on the website; availability of such data  to the public is regulated by the provisions of the Aarhus Directive, as transposed into local legislation by the 'Freedom of Access to Information on the Environment Regulations, 2005' (Legal Notice 116 of 2005). For more information on access to information, please click here.