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Class 12


Lighting of buildings, structures and roads

12.1 External lighting of buildings and structures  
A notification is required in UCA, ODZ, designated area, and in or within 30 meters of scheduled property
Conditions and other provisions: Lighting of buildings or structures shall be subject to the following:
(a) is incompatible with the character of the location and/or create unacceptable light pollution; or
(b) in the case of street lighting ODZ involve lighting beyond the street itself and/or cause unacceptable light pollution in an area that should be kept free from artificial nocturnal lighting or compromise the conservation of the important flora, fauna or ecosystems.
(c) Involves the illumination of any sign or advertisement, or such illumination constitutes its primary purpose; or
(d) Involves an area larger than a building or structure.   
Fee: €60