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 The project "EUROSION" was a project commissioned by DG Environment of the European Commission, in an initiative towards sustainable coastal erosion management.

The overall objective of this project was to provide the EU Commission with a package of recommendations for policy-making and information management to address coastal erosion.

The recommendations that resulted from the project can be grouped as follows:

1. Restoring the sediment balance and providing space for coastal processes;
2. Internalise coastal erosion cost and risk in planning and investment decisions;
3. Make responses to coastal erosion accountable;
4. Strengthen the knowledge base of coastal erosion management and planning.

The project results assisted MEPA in the development of the coastal strategy and assisted in the formulation of policy guidance related to coastal engineering works.

The total budget of the project was €5 million, of which MEPA's share was €750. The project was completed in February 2004.

Within MEPA, the project was coordinated by the Climate Change and Marine Policy Unit. More information about the project, its activities and deliverables can be found on the project's website.

This project has been realised with the
financial assistance of the European Union