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EU and Multilateral Affairs
Within the Directors office, the EU and Multilateral Affairs unit coordinates MEPA deliverables with an EU and Multilateral content, including co-ordination of projects financed under internationally funded instruments where MEPA is a beneficiary or service provider, and improving the environmental performance of internationally funded programmes, co ordinating input to Maltas position on EU environment pipeline Acquis and policy, and on EU obligations where MEPA has competence, co-ordination of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) where MEPA officers are focal points, and co-ordination of overseas missions by MEPA officials to maximize business value.
Multilateral Affairs Team22907308 Send E-Mail
International Projects Team22907305 Send E-Mail
EU Affairs Team22907314 Send E-Mail
Unit A
UNIT A  is responsible for the environmental permitting and compliance auditing of industrial and waste management installations. The unit manages the areas of IPPC, E-PRTR, VOCs, SMEs, Better Regulation, IMPEL and UWWT; unit A  in terms of development of legislation, contributing to the development of EU legislation, provision of guidance to industry on Best Available Techniques, Emissions limits and the development of better regulation initiatives.
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control22907230 Send E-Mail
European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)22907230 Send E-Mail
Environmental Compliance22907317 Send E-Mail
Environmental Permitting of hotels and other facilities with marine discharges22907231 Send E-Mail
Environmental Permitting of pharmaceutical facilities22907230 Send E-Mail
Environmental Permitting of waste management facilities22907228 Send E-Mail
Farms22907229 Send E-Mail
GBR Registrations22907229 Send E-Mail
Hull Cleaning22907323 Send E-Mail
Environmental Permitting of Quarries22907316 Send E-Mail
Ozone Depleting substances (ODS)22907229 Send E-Mail
Quarries22907316 Send E-Mail
Urban Waste Water Treatment22907231 Send E-Mail
VOC Solvents22907234 Send E-Mail
Waste Brokers22907228 Send E-Mail
Waste Carriers22907226 Send E-Mail
Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment22907317 Send E-Mail
Environmental Permitting22907226 Send E-Mail
Unit B
The Environmental Assessment Unit (Unit B) coordinates the Environment Protection Directorate's assessment of development projects and the EPD's role on related matters. In particular, the unit manages: the technical assessment of environmentally-relevant proposals at screening and post-validation stages as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Habitats Directive Assessment (Appropriate Assessment) processes. Among other related functions, the unit is also the EPD's primary liaison with the Planning Directorate. The Unit also coordinates MEPA's function as a statutory consultee in the Strategic Environmental Assessment process, advising plan proponents and the SEA authorities on environmental issues at the screening and scoping stages of the process, and coordinating comments on environmental reports and draft plans or programmes. The Environmental Assessment Unit also represents environmental interests in planning-related fora and in the formulation of environmentally-relevant legislation, policy and operating procedures. The unit is also responsible for environmental permitting in relation to works that affect trees and rubble walls.
EIA22907150 Send E-Mail
EPD Consultations & Appropriate Assessment22907150 Send E-Mail
Environmental permitting (trees & rubble walls)22907150 Send E-Mail
Unit C
UNIT C coordinates activities, policy and strategies related to MEPA's response in the areas of ecosystems management, nature protection, GMOs and biosafety. This includes, amongst others, issues related to the EC Habitats Directive and the Natura 2000 Network of Protected Areas, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP), terrestrial and marine protected areas, habitat and species protection and management, nature permitting applications and processes (including CITES) and the implementation and follow-up of EU-funded projects related to biodiversity and nature protection.
Manager Ecosystems Management22907102 Send E-Mail
Nature Protection General Enquiries & Requests for Information22907108 Send E-Mail
Nature Protection General Enquiries & Requests for Information22907108 Send E-Mail
Terrestrial Ecosystems22907106 Send E-Mail
Marine Ecosystems22907103 Send E-Mail
Biodiversity Reporting22907113 Send E-Mail
CITES Office22907111 Send E-Mail
GMOs and Biosafety22907107 Send E-Mail
Nature Enforcement (excluding birds)22907320 Send E-Mail
Nature Permitting22907112 Send E-Mail
Carnet de Chasse22907108 Send E-Mail
Strandings (Cetacean & Turtle Strandings)22907321 Send E-Mail
Invasive Species22907102 Send E-Mail
Biodiversity Strategy22907102 Send E-Mail
Unit D
UNIT D coordinates MEPA input in the following policy areas: air quality, waste management, radiation, and noise. The work of Unit D also includes the administration of transfrontier shipment of waste, permitting of authorised compliance schemes and the management of the air quality monitoring network.
Team D1 Waste Management Team (General)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D1 Waste Management (WEEE)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D1 Waste Management (Packaging)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D2 Air, Noise and Radiation (General)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D3 Compliance, Shipments & Reporting (General)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D3 Transfrontier Shipment (TFS)22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D3 Consignment Permits/Notes22907213 Send E-Mail
Team D3 Shipments of Green List Waste22907213 Send E-Mail
Unit E
UNIT E co-ordinates MEPA input on the following policy areas: climate change, energy, water, marine strategy and coastal zone management. Unit E is also responsible for administering the national Emissions Trading Scheme and co-ordinates the EPD input on SEVES.
Climate Change & Marine Policy Unit Manager's Office22907215 Send E-Mail
Emissions Trading Scheme22907220 Send E-Mail
General Requests for Information22907216 Send E-Mail
Policy Coordination Unit
The Policy Coordination Unit was set up to improve coordination between policymaking processes across the Authority. The Unit is also responsible for a number of cross-cutting dossiers such as sustainable development and environmental health. In addition, the Unit is responsible for coordinating the regular preparation of state of the environment reports and indicators.
Policy Coordination Unit22901537 Send E-Mail