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Corporate Services Directorate Telephone Directory

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Human Resources Unit
The Human Resources Unit within the Corporate Services Directorate principally focuses on giving support to the authority in the attainment of its strategic objectives through the provision of adequate human resources capable of leading forward the organisation. Within this scope the Human Resources operations encompass human resources planning and development.  Through planning, the authority will ascertain that it is equipped with the required competent and skilled staff to carry forward its operations, whilst taking the necessary measures to fill vacant positions and to implement an organisational structure that delivers. Development of staff is primarily tackled through training and development, whereas the performance management system is used as one of the tools to identify training shortages. Occupational Health and Safety, falls also within the remit of this unit.  Personnel administration in connection with the processing of all types of leave and other procedures resulting from collective agreements and internal policies are managed by this unit.  Industrial relations, which basically concerns employees' working conditions and benefits, is another aspect of HR Unit's operations.
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Mapping Unit
Within the Corporate Directorate of MEPA, the Mapping Unit is the National Mapping Agency of Malta. It is responsible for the large and small scale topographic mapping of Malta. The unit maintains an archive of high quality aerial photography and produces the national orthophoto map.  The MU also provides various GIS services to both internal and external clients, customised maps, and maintains the Authority's on-line MapServer service. The Mapping Unit is responsible of the Spatial Reference System of Malta.  It maintains the National Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks and the Levelling Schemes dataset.
Mapping Shop/General Correspondence22901007 Send E-Mail
Survey Control & Photogrammetry22901007 Send E-Mail
Small Scale, Products and Services22901321 Send E-Mail
Information and Communication Technology Unit
The Information and Communication Technology Section is an ISO 9000 certified unit forming part of the Corporate Services Directorate. The Network and PC support Team  together with the Applications Development and Support Team work in synergy to provide complete ICT solutions to both internal and external clients. These include all computer hardware resources, telephony services, network maintenance and infrastructure, the MEPA website, all software development, maintenance and support.
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Information Resources Unit
The Information Resources Unit serves as the focal point for research-based activities and the full data cycle. It is responsible for information management functions inclusive of the data function, the GI thematic function and an integrated research function. IRU also hosts the Library function and caters for publications and CD and DVD development. On an international scale, IRU is involved in a number of EU and international projects as well as the EEA-EU dataflow management processes.
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Land Survey Unit
The main function of the Unit is the interpretation on site of public private demarcation line and the proposed road formation levels as indicated on the alignment and levelling schemes. The Unit also prepares both for internal and external clients, detailed topographical surveys of specific areas that might be earmarked for development or landscaping.
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Front Desk
Front Office within the Corporate Services is responsible for the public interface dealing mainly with public enquiries, all incoming calls, sale of plans and permits, applications for compliance certificates, submission of full development applications and technical enquiries.  
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Mail Room
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Accounts and Finance Unit
The overall objective of the Accounts Office is to establish and maintain financial controls in order to carry on the functions of the Authority in an orderly and efficient manner, ensure adherence to management policies, safeguard the assets and secure the completeness and accuracy of accounting records.  The Accounts Office is responsible for the issue of payments to suppliers, the issue of refunds to applicants and the calculation and payment of salaries.  Other responsibilities include the administration of bank guarantees as well as the issue of bills, invoices and enforcement fines and collection thereof.  The Accounts Office publishes monthly management accounts and is responsible for the compilation of all statutory financial returns as required by law.
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Support Services Section
Purchasing, maintenance, security, cleaning, day to day.
Support Services Section22905001 Send E-Mail