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Boards and Committees

While it is the MEPA Board which provides strategic guidance for the Planning Directorate and the Environment Protection Directorate, the Authority has a number of of Boards and Committees that assist the organisation to fulfill its functions and responsibilities efficiently and effectively, in line with its legal obligations. 

These Boards and Committees include:

The Environment and Planning Commissions (EPCs) carry out the function of determining development planning applications. These Commissions are delegated to take decisions based on the approved local plans and other policy documents that regulate and guide the Authority.

The Heritage Advisory Committee, which has two panels, one for natural heritage and another for cultural heritage provide professional and expert advise to the Authority on matters relating to the conservation of cultural and natural heritage in an integrated process. Each panel also provides advice on the application process in particular with regards to the conservation of property or areas that may be affected by an application for a development permission.

The Biosafety Co-ordinating Committee (BCC) has as one of its core functions is to advise the Authority and the Minister responsible for Rural Affairs on environmental implications of GMOs.

The Urban Improvement Fund (UIF) Committee evaluates and assesses proposed projects that would have been submitted to MEPA by a local council or by the government, by which a request for funding would have been made. The Committee evaluates these proposed projects against a number of criteria that establish whether a project can be funded or not. The full or partial funding of an approved project depends primarily on whether there are sufficient funds available for that praticular locality. The committee also ensure that once approved the project is completed in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

The Environment and Planning Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body which is independent of the Authority.

The Users' Committee supervises the general functioning of the Authority particularly to ensure, in the interest of the general public an expeditious and fair process and transparency and uniformity in the Authority’s decisions and acts.  The Committee monitors the running of the Authority and shall propose, to the Authority or the Minister as the case may be, such changes to administrative processes and practices as it may deem appropriate. The Committee, which is autonomous from the Authority, is composed of representatives from each of the interested national constituted bodies recognized by the minister.