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Trade in Protected Species & CITES


Trade is one activity that can lead to negative impacts on species, especially on endangered species. Hence, a number of legal instruments prevail at national, regional and international level that focus on the control of trade in species.

Trade-related impacts on species are addressed at the international level by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Known as CITES, this Convention aims at ensuring that international trade does not threaten wild plant and animal species. It does this by subjecting trade to a number of controls on import, export and re-export of species by applying a licensing system and by listing species into three different appendices depending on the extent of how threatened the species are as a result of trade activities.

CITES declarations

Kindly note that in order for any item to be released by the CITES office, information is required on the materials being imported/exported, and/or ingredients contained in products.   A declaration from the supplier is to clearly state whether any plant or animal products, derivatives, or parts thereof, are included in the items being imported/exported.

The declaration should clearly refer to the invoice in question or particular items in the invoice, as necessary.

The declaration should cover all items on the invoice as the CITES office will release all the invoice and not specific items on the invoice.

The above information is necessary for items or products being imported from a non-EU country, even if the products were originially produced within an EU country. 

In the case of export, the information above is necessary for items or products being exported to a non-EU country, even if the items or products originally reached Malta from an EU country.

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