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The term 'species' refers to a group of organisms that are genetically related and capable (or have the potential) of interbreeding under natural conditions to produce fertile offspring. Such groups of organisms have common distinctive features.

The Maltese Islands support a diverse array of native terrestrial, freshwater and marine species. The rich species diversity (the number of species in an area taking into account species abundance; taxonomic variety) of the Islands is essential to maintain healthy ecosystems and an overall healthy environment.

Of particular importance is to know which species are present within specific areas, as well as their abundance, so as to be able to apply conservation measures and adopt sustainable practices to ensure their perpetuity in the Maltese Islands.

Anthyllis_hermanniae  Hyles_lineataConvolvulus

Orchids of the Maltese Islands

Further information on species, especially on species in the Maltese Islands, shall be made available soon.


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