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The Environment Directorate has been actively involved in databases in connection with biodiversity.

Work has initiated on the compilation of the National Database on Biodiversity, as well as a separate database on Alien Species in the Maltese Islands.

Apart from these, data is also collated in databases specifically designed for reporting obligations. These are prepared by institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission. In this respect, one can mention the Natura 2000 database and HABIDES (a database provided in 2009 to report derogations under the European Commission Habitats and Wild Birds Directives).

Another database which is updated on an annual basis is the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA), which as the name implies includes a list of all the designated areas in the Maltese Islands. More specifically, this database includes a list of the areas protected or scheduled in view of important habitats and species, and which have been included in national legislation.

Pancratium_maritimum Papilio_machaon(Austria)Helichrysum_melitense&Hive

Beyond the Maltese Islands, various initiatives have led to the setting up of databases related to biodiversity – on a national, regional or international level. The following are a selection of these:


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